This option is just for you to know when somebody is discussing against you.

I want to give you guys on how to TAP CALLS or WAYS OF TAPING CALLS in Nigeria..


Pick up the person’s phone and press **61* followed by your own phone number and press # e.g

**61*0812345677#, once they call the person’s number, your phone will also ring. When the person picks the call, your phone will automatically be connected to the person’s discussion.

 To cancel it, press ##002# and Ok

NOTE: this information is not for all phones and not by the names or makes of phones. Once you follow the procedure by entering the code**61* your own number# send. It will not work when it display “divert activated” But once it show: Voice calls transferred or activated that means it will work in that phone. And for the two phones to ring at the same, they must be in auto-redial mode. Any language outside voice calls transferred or activated means it will not work in that phone, but it requires enough credit in both phones.

 To know if someone have done it to your phone; #61#.

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