It is assimilating into your own understanding a new idea or truth or working into habit a new art or skill.. It is a process of adapting to and improving the environment.


We have different ways of learning which I want us to know

Simple learning

Complex learning

Rote leaning

Over learning

Part learning

Whole learning

Discovery learning

Desirable learning

DESIRABLE LEARNING: it involves pleasant experiences. Studies that have to do with your life ambition, pre-requisite subject or courses that prepare you for your life ambition like English, mathematics and other subjects for junior secondary school and senior secondary school should be Desirable learning.

Learning that has to do with moral instructions which will build up your character and make your dependable, reliable, honest, hardworking, zealous, hospitable and loving should come under this as well…

Other area of desirable learning are success studies like the principles emphasized lessons learnt through observation during excursion, examples of successful individuals are exposures to life experiences in many parts of the world..


SIMPLE LEARNING: It is a higher forms of learning, a child learns the alphabets of a given language before learning how to read. A student must learn elementary science before graduating into integrated science and subsequently biology, chemistry and physics..

Learning is easy if you will be methodical and systematic. Those who rush in will soon rush out.. even though the teacher may be teaching an advanced form of the topic, if your understanding is beclouded approach it through the simple way..

Simple learning does not require the learner to use learned information for the solution of a given problem..

 OVER LEARNING: Over learning is repeated learning of a material until you know it so much that you can recite, repeat and recall it without effort or aid of artificial cues. It is a very effective way to ensure remembering for recall and sometimes for recognition. It must be used discriminately. Where there is voluminous material, it may not be realistic to overlearn everything.

Living becomes exciting once you get to this point.. Desire discovering things for yourself and be dissatisfied until you get what you are looking for. As such you cannot be a mediocre in life. Be more interested in laboratory work especially in the sciences and try to perform experiments.

Learning takes place step by step from simple to complex. Do not attempt to jump stages in learning be….




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