Top Best Ways of learning

 Learning has many ways to do that, people have ways of learning or to get something in their mind by watching what others are doing, some people learn by practical or theories…

Top Best Ways of learning

That why learning has different ways of grabbing things in your mind, and now I have to list then below for more understanding.

Transfer of Learning: It is the effect that you’re learning in one situation has on your learning and performance in other situations. Or it is the carryover of your learning experiences in one situation into your other learning experiences.

NB- you are a learner should know that you have a potential or in-built ability to learn new things having learnt some other things in the past.


POSITIVE EFFECT: Is the transfer of learning is when you’re learning experience strengthens another. You apply what you have learnt in one subject to other subjects and real life problems.

You should be careful too that your negative attitude in some subjects is not transferred to other subjects.

NEGATIVE EFFECT: Is the Learning happens when a learning experience weakens, hinders or interferes with other learning experiences.

NEUTRAL/ZERO EFFECT: Is when learning of one material has no effect on another.

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