The only good thing you can do for yourself is to discover your personal potential, you need to know of what stuff you are made, if you can do that the heaven will be your limit. But the most dangerous thing that can happen to a person is going to graveyard without releasing the skill that is in him/her…

What is potential? It is power or quality that exists but has not been developed. Unused skill, strength
Unexposed ability, reserved power, untapped strength, capped capabilities, unused success, dormant gifts, hidden talent and latent power. What you can do that you haven’t done yet, where you can go that you haven’t gone yet…
The fact that they were physically disable did mean that they are mentally disabled but until they change their thinking patter that was when they could change their world. Who would have believed that these four leprosy men had something in their lives that could bring deliverance to them self’s and the nation of Samaria?
One cannot know the extent he/she can go until he/she engage himself into journey. You cannot know the ability you have until you activate your potential. When you look around the world today you see so many wonderful things, new inventions, all these are people ideas and potential, what you and I are enjoying today is because somebody somewhere sometime had released their potential.
Every one of us came into this world with an assignment from God. God created each person with potential in them that is why whoever refuses to release his/her potential is doing harm to the world. It is tragedy when one goes to grave without activating his/her potential.
So many people are prone to give up when they meet a little obstacle on their way, without knowing that other side of their life they can still manifest gift there are untapped power, untapped skill and strength inside them. At times you do not know how skilful you are until you engage yourself into action. .Your potential will not be released until you take your thoughts, plans and imaginations and them into action.
Around the world are peoples potential including the house you are leaving in the car you are driving, clothe you are wearing and all the beautiful things around us together, therefore, the unfortunate thing you will do yourself and the world is going to the grave without releasing that great thing in your life that untapped skill, power and knowledge..
When God look at you he sees the author, great evangelist, pilot, doctor, or lawyer. The fact that you did not do well where you are operating now does not mean that you have come to the cross roads.
You can still make a change in your life, you can still go beyond where you are right now, there are still good qualities in your life you have not discovered, but until you activate your potential you will never know there is another side of you that can bring you into a life of fulfilment.
So many people close the chapter of their life and conclude that never again could they make a change. It is not…
There are other things you can do as it is likely that as someone said a door cannot open until another one closes. So many believed this philosophy that because they are not educated they are limited that they cannot be fortunate men or women on earth.

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